Release - ShaderlabVSCode


  • Auto Format
    • use tab or spaces can be configured by editor.insertSpaces VSCode settings


  • Add more completions from UnityCG.cginc.
  • Fix document symbols show incorrectly in some scenarios.


  • Intellisense
    • Add macros code completion support
    • Add more completion items from UnityCG.cginc, there are:
      • UnityWorldSpaceViewDir
      • UnityWorldToClipPos
      • UnityViewToClipPos
      • UnityWorldToViewPos
      • UnityObjectToWorldDir
      • UnityWorldToObjectDir
      • UnityObjectToWorldNormal
      • UnityWorldSpaceLightDir
    • Fix methods intellisense was broken by ‘:’ in parameters
  • Format Document
    • Improve format for marcos
  • Syntax Highlighting
    • Add highlight for #ifdef and #ifndef
  • Add document symbols support, press CTRL + SHIFT + o on Windows or CMD + SHIFT + o on macOS to open it.


  • Intellisense
    • Fix intellisense was broken by “,” in structs and fileds in some scenario
  • Format Document
    • Fix format for [XX]PROGRAM..END[XX] structure
    • Make #define to match levels
  • Experiment:
    • Add .hlsl and .cg file support


  • Intellisense
    • Fix wrong result when there are duplicate name of variables
  • Syntax Highlighting
    • Add highlighing for custom functions


  • Format Document
    • Improve format for Operators


  • Intellisense
    • Fix Intellisense broken by ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘*’, ‘/’ in some scenarios
  • Format Document
    • Improve format for preprocessor directives
  • Syntax Hightlighting
    • Improve color of preprocessor directives


  • Format Document:
    • fix colon formation is incorrect in #pragma line
  • Intellisense
    • Fix wrong code completion result in #pragma line which is triggered by colon
    • Update description for clip and cos cg method in code completion item


  • Add region mark support(Required VSCode version 1.17.0 +). ShaderlabVSCode now supports two type markers:
    • //#region and //#endregion, snippet is region
    • //region and //endregion, snippet is region2


  • Intellisense
    • Add Unity defined Values support, like _Time
    • Fix duplicate members when include same cginc files multiple times


  • Intellisense
    • Fix bug variable broken by semicolon
  • Editor
    • Improve compability


  • Auto Format:
    • Add format document feature
  • Intellisense:
    • supports builtin types, like half, fixed and float
    • supports completion of fields of types
    • supports completion of method return type
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix bug structure fields are broken by comments


  • Add code snippets support
  • Update hover infromation for some keywords
  • Fix wrong fields data get from struct in some scenarios
  • Fix bug that Variable and Properties Info broken by whitespace


  • First beta release