A+ Assets Explorer Tips

1 minute read

Assets Explorer

  • Bulk Selection: CTRL/CMD + LMB, SHIFT + LMB
  • Select All Assets: Click Actions button -> Select All
  • Deselect All Assets: Click Actions button -> Deselect All
  • Double click on an asset in table can ping the asset in Unity Project Window
  • Open the table header settings Window by Click Actions button -> Change Table Headers
  • Click Select In Unity button will locate the selected asset in Unity Project Window

Search Assets

  • Click the Advanced Search button will open Search UI
  • Double click the search input will open the history window
  • Type search conditions string in search input and then press ENTER key will sumbit search request
  • Type “Name:aaa | bbb” will search assets with name contains ‘aaa’ OR ‘bbb’
  • Type “Name:aaa Size:>10” will search assets with name contains ‘aaa’ AND size is larger than 10

Rename Assets

  • Only Selected Assets can be renamed
  • Nested Meshes, Prefabs and GameObject are not supported
  • Search And Replace: Empty string in search input means replace all
  • Search And Replace: Search supports Regular Expression

Unused Assets

Assets in below states are considered as Used, all others are Unused.

  • In Resources folder
  • In StreamingAssets folder
  • In Unity build report
  • Has AssetBundle assinged dependencies of AssetBundle
  • The assets are the dependencies of an AssetBundle

Trouble Shooting

  • If data goes wrong, try to refresh cache data or restart Unity first
  • Have issues or questions, send mail to [email protected]