Actions - uCodeEditor

The builtin actions and its id for uCodeEditor

Action Name Action Id
About uCode editor… uce.about
Add Cursor Above editor.action.insertCursorAbove
Add Cursor Below editor.action.insertCursorBelow
Add Cursors to Line Ends editor.action.insertCursorAtEndOfEachLineSelected
Add Line Comment editor.action.addCommentLine
Add Selection To Next Find Match editor.action.addSelectionToNextFindMatch
Add Selection To Previous Find Match editor.action.addSelectionToPreviousFindMatch
Change All Occurrences editor.action.changeAll
Close All Tabs uce.closeall
Close Current Active Tab uce.closetab
Command Palette editor.action.quickCommand
Config Script Templates… uce.config.scripts.templates
Config User Snippets… uce.config.user.snippets
Copy editor.action.clipboardCopyAction
Copy Line Down editor.action.copyLinesDownAction
Copy Line Up editor.action.copyLinesUpAction
Create New File uce.createnew
Create New Window uce.create.newwindow
Cut editor.action.clipboardCutAction
Delete All Left deleteAllLeft
Delete All Right deleteAllRight
Delete Line editor.action.deleteLines
Expand Select editor.action.smartSelect.grow
Export Settings… uce.export.settings
Find actions.find
Find All References editor.action.referenceSearch.trigger
Find Next editor.action.nextMatchFindAction
Find Next Selection editor.action.nextSelectionMatchFindAction
Find Previous editor.action.previousMatchFindAction
Find Previous Selection editor.action.previousSelectionMatchFindAction
Find With Selection actions.findWithSelection
Fold editor.fold
Fold All editor.foldAll
Fold All Block Comments editor.foldAllBlockComments
Fold All Regions editor.foldAllMarkerRegions
Fold Level 1 editor.foldLevel1
Fold Level 2 editor.foldLevel2
Fold Level 3 editor.foldLevel3
Fold Level 4 editor.foldLevel4
Fold Level 5 editor.foldLevel5
Fold Level 6 editor.foldLevel6
Fold Level 7 editor.foldLevel7
Fold Recursively editor.foldRecursively
Format Document editor.action.formatDocument
Get File uce.getcurrentOpenFile
Go to Bracket editor.action.jumpToBracket
Go to Definition editor.action.goToDeclaration
Go To File… editor.action.goToFile
Go to Implementation editor.action.goToImplementation
Go to Line… editor.action.gotoLine
Go to Next Problem (Error, Warning, Info)
Go to Previous Problem (Error, Warning, Info) editor.action.marker.prev
Go to Symbol… editor.action.quickOutline
Help: Online Documents
Help: Tips and Tricks
Import Settings… uce.import.settings
Indent Line editor.action.indentLines
Insert Line Above editor.action.insertLineBefore
Insert Line Below editor.action.insertLineAfter
Join Lines editor.action.joinLines
Move Caret Left editor.action.moveCarretLeftAction
Move Caret Right editor.action.moveCarretRightAction
Move Cursor to Previous Positon uce.navigation.goback
Move Cursort to Next Position uce.navigation.forward
Move Last Selection To Next Find Match editor.action.moveSelectionToNextFindMatch
Move Last Selection To Previous Find Match editor.action.moveSelectionToPreviousFindMatch
Move Line Down editor.action.moveLinesDownAction
Move Line Up editor.action.moveLinesUpAction
Omnisharp: Get All Log uce.get.omnisharp.logs
Omnisharp: Get Error Log uce.get.omnisharp.errors
Omnisharp: Restart uce.restart.omnisharp.logs
Open Dash for Selection
Open File…
Open Link editor.action.openLink
Open MSDN Documentation for Selection
Open Unity Documentation for Selection
Outdent Line editor.action.outdentLines
Paste editor.action.clipboardPasteAction
Peek Definition editor.action.previewDeclaration
Peek Implementation editor.action.peekImplementation
Ping In Project Window
Project: Open In Terminal
Quick Fix… editor.action.quickFix
Redo uce.redo
Reload uCodeEditor uce.reload.editor
Remove Line Comment editor.action.removeCommentLine
Rename Symbol editor.action.rename
Replace editor.action.startFindReplaceAction
Replace with Next Value editor.action.inPlaceReplace.down
Replace with Previous Value editor.action.inPlaceReplace.up
Save All uce.saveall
Save As… uce.saveto
Select All uce.SelectAll
Select All Occurrences of Find Match editor.action.selectHighlights
Select to Bracket editor.action.selectToBracket
Shortcuts: Customization…
Shortcuts: Restore To Default
Show Editor Context Menu editor.action.showContextMenu
Show Hover editor.action.showHover
Shrink Select editor.action.smartSelect.shrink
Sort Lines Ascending editor.action.sortLinesAscending
Sort Lines Descending editor.action.sortLinesDescending
Sync With Project uce.sync.project
Test: Clear Settings uce.settings.clear
Test: Contxt menu uce.command.test
Test: Get Icon Data
Test: Test Command uce.test
Toggle Block Comment editor.action.blockComment
Toggle Line Comment editor.action.commentLine
Toggle Markdown Preview uce.toogle.markdown.preview
Toggle Tab Key Moves Focus editor.action.toggleTabFocusMode
Toggle uCodeEditor Association uce.toggle.uce.association
Toggle uCodeEditor Maximize uce.toggle.maximize.editor
Toggle Word Wrap uce.word.wrap
Transform to Lowercase editor.action.transformToLowercase
Transform to Uppercase editor.action.transformToUppercase
Transpose characters around the cursor editor.action.transpose
Transpose Letters editor.action.transposeLetters
Trigger Parameter Hints editor.action.triggerParameterHints
Trigger Suggest editor.action.triggerSuggest
Trim Trailing Whitespace editor.action.trimTrailingWhitespace
Undo uce.undo
Unfold editor.unfold
Unfold All editor.unfoldAll
Unfold All Regions editor.unfoldAllMarkerRegions
Unfold Recursively editor.unfoldRecursively
Unity Editor: Go To Scene…
Unity Editor: Reveal Special Folder… uce.reveal.special.folder