Assets Explorer Main UI

There are three ways to open Asset Explorer

  • Select the Assets Explorer menu item from the Tools -> A+ Assets Explorer menu in Unity Editor
  • Press shortcut Cmd + SHIFT + W in macOS (i.e. OSX) or Ctrl + SHIFT + W on Windows
  • Right click the Project of Unity Editor, select A+ Assets Explorer in pop up context menu

Assets Table UI


Search input. We can search assets via this control by:

  1. Type condictions string into input and press ENTER on the keyboard
  2. Click the Search button to Open Search UI

Reanme Tool

Open Rename tool. This is toggle button.

Locate Assets In Unity

Click this button, A+ Assets Explorer will select the selected assets in Unity Project Window

Refresh Page

Refresh current page. This action will fetch data in A+ Assets Explorer cache

Select Unused Assets

Select the Unused assets.

Delete Assets

Delete selected assets by this button. Delete assets action cannot undo.

Actions Dropdown


Select All

Select all assets in current page.

Deselect All

Deselect all assets in current page.

Select Unused Assets

Select the Unused assets. Same behaviour as the Select Unused Assets button.

Get Assets In Active Scene

Get the assets in current open scene.

Refresh Cache Data

Refresh the A+ Assets Explorer Cache data. This is time cost opertion base your project size.

Change table Headers

Open the table header settings winwdow.

  • Uncheck the header name will hide header in assets data table
  • Check the header name will display header in assets data table

If you want to restore the default header settings, just click the Restore Default Header Settings button.