Preferences Items


Color Theme

Currently Assets Explorer supports three themes:

  • Classic: White theme.
  • Personal: Grey theme, it’s for Unity Personal Editor Skin. This is default setting.
  • Pro: Black theme, it’s for Unity Profressional Editor Skin.

Creating cache automatically

Whether creating cache automatically.

  • Checked for creating cache data automatically every time re-open project.
  • Uncheck for read cache data from local disk. If there are no cache data file exists, Assets Explor will create one. The is default setting.

Using dockable window style

Whether using dockable window style.

  • Checked for yes, dockable window style
  • Uncheck for no and will using utility window. Utility windows will always be in front of normal windows, and will be hidden when user switches to another application

Code File Extensions

Customize the code file extension. Format as *.[extensions]. For example, CSharp file is “*.cs”. Using ; to combine multiple code files.

Prefabs Save Folder

The save folder path for the prefabs created by A+ Prefab Tools. Default is Assets/Prefabs