Release note


  1. Add find terrain textures feature, it’s under menu item: Tools->A+ Assets Explorer->Tools->Find Terrain Textures In Current Scene
  2. Unity 2018.2 compatibility


  1. Improve sorting order (experiment)
  2. A+ is able to move any folder under project now instead of just binplace the plugin folder
  3. Unity 2018.1.0b3 compatibility.


  1. Optimize cache system IO


  1. Able to find scripts references of scriptableobject (Nested scriptableobject in script)
  2. Unity 2017.2.0f2 compatibility.


  1. Add packing tag for texture, it’s easy to find the sprites with specific packing tag assigned.
  2. Fix find unused assets not work in some scenario issue


  1. Improve compatibility
  2. Fix several small bugs


  1. Add tags and layers usage page.
  2. fix bugs 3. Unity 2017 compatibility


  1. Add support of Compression, Crunch Compression and Compression Quality properties of Textures
  2. Add an option for back up assets before deleting
  3. Add search history feature which support last 15 search queries cached. Just double click the search input will open the history window.
  4. Able to find duplicated assets now.
  5. Fix some bugs


  1. Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017 Beta compatibility
  2. Show override texture format and size according to override settings
  3. Improve performance


  1. Change ‘Unused’ column header to ‘Used’ to make it’s easier to understand
  2. Improve find unused assets result
  3. Fix bug that Blacklist not always works on Windows


  1. Able to open container folder of selected assets in Assets Explorer now
  2. Able to copy name/path of assets to clipboard of selected assets in Assets Explorer now
  3. Improve result of find references assets in Project


  1. Add new tab named “In Hierarchy” to show the assets referenced by Objects in Hierarchy. We also can find the object references of selected asset in Hierarchy, similar to the “Find References in Scene” menu item in Project Window
  2. Move “StreamingAssets” To “Assets” dropdown in header navigation bar
  3. Change the nav item name from upper case to camel case, so that it’s eaiser to read
  4. Improve compatibility. If you have compatibility issue, please send email to me.


  1. Filter out the assets under project settings folder in OTHER category
  2. Ajust the create prefab shortcut to resolve the conflict with native shortcut of Unity Editor
  3. Fix the Unused mark is not correct for some assets with AssetBundle Assigned
  4. Fix Unity Editor crash when generating lightmap issue


  1. Add tips information in About tab
  2. Add a new category named OTHERS which include assets unsupported in prior to this version
  3. Fix the name of Unity Native format assets are not changed in Inspeactor after rename, for example, Materials
  4. Fix wrong sort order when in rename assets mode
  5. Fix cannot find physisMaterial2D bug
  6. Fix Blacklist not work on some assets on Windows


  1. Add quick selection: Select all assets , deselect all assets and select unused assets
  2. Able to refresh cache in Asset Explorer
  3. Able to get assets in active scene
  4. Able to rename animation clip in fbx
  5. Move header setting to ‘Actions’ dropdow menu
  6. Fix some bugs


  1. Supports Unity 5.5
  2. Add prefab tool which support bulk operations, like creating, apply and revert etc.
  3. Add rename tool which allows rename assets at one click
  4. Rename “Scene Explorer” To “Build Manager”
  5. Update UI to make it more sense
  6. Fix some bugs


  1. Able to export data to CSV file now
  2. Some bug fixes


  1. Add blacklist feature
  2. Add asset icon
  3. Add find references in Project or by type feateure
  4. Change default settings for windows style
  5. Update folder structure. Please delete and then reimport new A+ Assets Explorer assets.
  6. Reduce packages size 7. Improve profermance for syncing data after bulk edit assets.
  7. Some bugs fixes


  1. improve asset search feature. We can search multiple properties now.
  2. Update modal UI
  3. Reduce packages size
  4. fix some small bugs