Search Assets

A+ Assets Explorer supports two ways to search your assets:

  1. Type condictions string into input and press ENTER on the keyboard
  2. Click the Search button to Open Search UI
  3. Double click the search input will open the history window

Search Condition Format

Searching in Assets Explorer supports multiple asset properties. For each property, the search condition format is

[AssetPropertyDataHeader]  :  [>|<]  [SearchValue]

For the above format:

  • [AssetPropertyDataHeader] is the table header in Assets Explorer
  • : is Required, it connects data header and its value
  • [>|<] is not needed for string type property. For number type property, if it’s not specified, it will default to >
  • [SearchValue] is the property value we want to search. For string type, if you have serveral keywords to search, use | to combine them

NOTE: if there are no valid search format, the input string will trust as the search vaule of Name property of assets.


  • Below are samples for searching for textures:
  1. Name:icon means searching the textures whose name contains ‘icon’ chars
  2. StorageSize:>1024 means searching the textures whose storage size is larger than 1024 KB
  3. MaxSize:<2048 means searching the textures whose import parameter MaxSize is less than 2048
  • For multiple conditions, each search condition will always be AND logic. Take textures search for example:

StorageSize:>1000 KB MaxSize:>1024


search the texture with storage size is larger than 1000KB AND import parameter MaxSize is larger than 1024

  • The multipe values sample:

Name: icon | body means search the texture whose name contains ‘icon’ OR ‘body’